Do Men Need Their Soles Saved Too?

Considering the month of June is Men’s Health Month and it’s the Father’s Day time of year, maybe the men could use some attention. While this may be a blog targeted at women, we cannot deny that men also need their soles saved from time to time. The guys need relief just as much as women. With conditions like gout, athlete’s foot, Achilles tendinitis, and simple pain that men can also get from shoes, it’s obvious that men need foot comfort and care as well. 

So, how exactly can men go about relieving their own feet? Considering that Sole Savers is not a team of medical professionals, we will stick to the self-care tips that can rescue the soles of many men who are struggling with discomfort. According to a health article on, one non-medicinal way to alleviate the pain is as simple as a foot soak. After a long day at work, it is okay to treat yourselves, gentlemen! Allow your feet to relax in some warm water, and jojoba oil. Some people recommend Epsom salt due its ability to soften skin, but we suggest you do some research and ask a dermatologist to ensure this will not dry your feet out if you are prone to dry skin. After your foot soak, try to get a foot rub. This can be accomplished by going to a massage parlor, a nail shop for a pedicure, or a loved one who is good at giving massages. By using lotion or oils during the massage, you not only provide the foot with moisture and relief, but softness! One cautionary tip to take into consideration for those looking to soak the soles is if you are experiencing inflammation in your feet, try an ice pack as opposed to warm water. Using warm or hot water on the area of inflammation will only cause it to become more inflamed.

 Another way to be rid of achy toes and soles is, as stated before, GETTING A PEDICURE! Pedicures are definitely not just for women. Not only do pedicures aid in reducing the amount of dead skin, nail technicians can clean under nails and remove bacteria that may often be over looked. Additionally, regular pedicures provide stimulation and circulation for feet. Taking advantage of the opportunity can reduce discomfort that may result from constant standing or walking and uncomfortable dress shoes. If the nail salon has you a little weary, then pumice stones and moisturizers are also good go-to's for removing callus while leaving those soles smooth and healthy. Just make sure to use them after the foot soak. MEN, take heed and heal soles!

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Colly - Jun 07, 2017

Nice article! ??

d.m - Jun 07, 2017

Great article! Lots of good tips and consideration for different men.

Tamika - Jun 07, 2017

What a great read! I hope men know they too can get those pedis to help with hurting feet. Take care of your feet men, they literally carry the bulk of your load. Show them some love!

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