Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! Today is the day our nation celebrates the moment in history we became free from British rule. Independence Day may be marked as one day on the calendar, but we all know that this celebration can span over a week or longer. With cookouts, fireworks, sales, parties, and many more ways of recognizing this day, it is safe to say that the festivities truly highlight our pride in this nation. Here at Sole Savers, we want you to spend the day with your loved ones doing what makes you all happy! Eat great food. Enjoy this time with your loved ones and ensure this day is spent making great memories that will last forever!

For our clientele that has been with us since the original line of Sole Savers rolled out, we have a special gift for you! If you still have your pair of original Sole Savers, email info@solesavers.co to find out how you can trade in your old flats for a newer pair! Enjoy this season of celebration in comfort and style! Happy Fourth of July!

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