One Year Down....Happy Anniversary

Sole Savers is celebrating their 1 year anniversary all week long! Why is this great? Because they are sharing this celebration with you. Only those who read the entire blog will have the insider information -- aren't you lucky! 

When the owners were asked about this first year in business, they were gushing with answers. They both pride themselves on holding on to the core values of their business -- philanthropy, community, support, and dedication. In this first year, Sole Savers has given to CHD, Breast Cancer, Hip Hip Whoray, We Can-Cer vive, Love Life Foundation, and others. They have stood solidly on their mantra, Every Sole has a Soul. 

"After 1 year of business, we are still sponges. We are learning something new every single day. One year means that we have enough insight to encourage others to start and go for it! That is something that we both believe. You just have to go for it. Create a plan and know that it will absolutely change. But, you need a plan so that you create some sort of direction for yourself. And, honestly, so that you don't just jump at every single thing that pops into your head," says Melodie. 

Why do you enjoy this business? "I honestly enjoy it because I get to work with my daughter. She's always been a person who jumps and takes risks. Me, not so much. I had her early in life, and my priority was to provide and protect. I made very conscious decisions so that I could show her that nothing was impossible. In doing that, I think she really took that and held tightly to it. I am glad that she did, we probably wouldn't be celebrating a year had she not," says Teresa. 

Do you think that the business has changed you all? Teresa: "Absolutely! This business has made us both want to connect more with people and community. Melodie isn't shy, but I can be at times. Of course, our family and friends would disagree with me being shy, but I truly am. She pushes me to speak and create relationships. The foundation that I gave my children, as they were growing up, was that we are to love people. We visited nursing homes and the sick and shut in. During holidays, with their own money, they purchased gifts for those less fortunate. So, the business didn't change our foundation and our principles, it actually increased them and our capacity to do what we love to do -- give back. It has been a blessing."

What's next for Sole Savers? Melodie: "What's next? Well, we launched t-shirts today, which we are really excited about! We would love to have a retail partner -- Hey DSW, Nordstrom Rack, Neimans Last Call, Saks Off Fifth, Nasty Gal (we love you Sophia) we would love to work with you. Can we chat? (she laughs) No honestly, we would really love to have a retail partner so that our items are more accessible. Everyone needs a rollable flat to back-up their painful shoes. So, why not have a cute one like ours? It's a win-win-win -- for the customer, the retailer, and us! So, we are working on that. We also have some new colors and styles coming out -- stay tuned. Lastly, we have a unique partnership that we are working on; I can't say too much on that, but keep your eyes on our social media."

As is the list of what's to come this week! 

T-shirts promo. We are launching our T-shirts

We will have a promo flash sale... All shoes will be $15 for 3 hours. You have to watch to get the time! 

For every shoe purchased today, we will donate a pair of Shoes to someone who in need, fighting Breast Cancer, a financial battle, or someone who you just want to share this awesome product with. Buy1/Give1 for our rollable flats - you only pay shipping.

We are giving away $250 to a start-up! We want to support you! We want to encourage you. Our owners love what they are doing! Because of that, we want to always pour into the lives of others. Are you less than 1 year old? Do you want to enter your business? Use hashtag #SoleSaversCares & tag us on IG or Twitter and tell us why you started your business! 

Post photos wearing your Sole Savers. Use hashtag #MySavedFeet to be entered into our contest to win an Apple Watch. You will be judge on 3 things - 1. Fashion - Your creative style, 2. Fun - Where are you taking this photo, 3. Flair - All around creativity! Good luck! 

We look forward to connecting with you -- follow us on IG & twitter @solesaversshoes, and Sole Savers, Inc on Facebook. 

For making it all the way to the bottom, we are giving you a $10 off coupon! Please be sure to leave a message below so that we can send it to you! 

Comments (9)

Mikei - Oct 03, 2016

I love Sole Savers & Congratulations on a successful year!

Tiffany Jewell - Oct 03, 2016

Congratulations!! and Much Continued Success!!!! God Bless!!

Ashley A. - Oct 03, 2016

Thank you so much for your products! I have been trying to find the perfect flat that can fit into even my clutch and you ladies provide just what I need. <3

Carol K - Oct 03, 2016

Happy Anniversary! My feet love the shoes (amazing) and I am looking forward to the other products. Continue celebrating throughout this year.

Veronica - Oct 03, 2016

Congratulations on one year in business! Your story is truly inspiring.

Gwen H. - Oct 03, 2016

Congratulations on your great start! I’ve just learned of your business and products through a link from the Emerson Rose Heart Foundation. I live that you are committed to giving back to those in need. It is so important in our world today. I love your shoes and think they will be great as one of my daughter’s Christmas gifts. They both wear heels at work and your flats seem perfect for giving their feet a rest!

Myria - Oct 03, 2016

I watched Melodie on Queen Boss and I was intriqued and interested in the sole savers shoes. I always can visually spot when someone will be successful. However, I wear heels sometimes but I will use these shoes as a every day use especially at work bc I teach and sometimes I do not want to wear shoes. So I will be purchasing a pair 2 see how it will turn out in class.

Rita - Oct 03, 2016

This is such a cool product! Very excited for all that is to come!

Thatgirl414 - Oct 03, 2016

Watching an episode of Queen Boss and discovered your company. Glad I ventured onto your blog. Good Luck and God Bless your Sole Savers.

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