Onward and Upward in August

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Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! It's the first of the month! Today marks the beginning of a new start and fresh opportunities to accomplish the goals you have set out for yourself. As this year enters its eighth month, we at Sole Savers want to know: Are you doing all you can to ensure you make the most out of this year? How are you using each day to achieve your goals? With today being the start of another month in what feels like a year that won't slow down, it is important to realize that time waits for no one. Each day that passes is a reminder of the days we can't get back. If you are making the moves needed to chase your dreams, how can you continue to do so? If you are someone who feels they aren't getting anywhere or just simply can't seem to get started, what is holding you back?

As of today, we are one month closer to the finale of another year and we need to seriously reflect so that we may move forward towards prosperity. Think about the company you keep and ask yourself if they are encouraging you to fulfill your dreams and aspirations. What bridges are you building with other people to extend your network, and how are you discerning between the people you should build with and those you should embark on your journey without?  It is important to seize the day and take steps with purpose. Be calculated with your movements this month and realize that the band will keep marching! How will you take on this new beginning and make it count? 

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