The Thrill of My Heels... Has Gone!

Oh, how I once loved you. Seemingly another life time ago, you were my partner in crime, my must-have, my go-to, and pretty much, the love of my life. With every pair acquired, our bond deepened and my love for you felt eternal. I encountered a renewed feeling of exhilaration with each style purchased. What has happened? Over time, I have begun to choose you less frequently for concerns over the possibility that I may not be able to endure you until the days end. What used to give me such joy and happiness has grown into a faded thrill. The thrill of us has decimated and now I do not know where to go from here.

Oh, my precious heels, how I once loved you. We used to go everywhere together! Whether it was to work, running errands, nights out on the town, family gatherings, or anything else, I could always count on you to be present with me. I loved you in every form you came in and now I cannot wait to take you off. I miss you, but we cannot last longer than a few hours together. How can we get back to the loving relationship and thrills that we once shared? If only there were a way that we could still spend time together without the pain and discomfort that you cause me.

Oh, my precious heels, I have news for you! My Sole Savers have just arrived and they are wonderful! My co-worker told me that she and her heels were experiencing the same turmoil that you and I are going through. She could not last long in her heels without pain creeping into her day and she needed to find something to save their dying relationship. Someone recommended that she try a back up flat that was easy to carry and easily accessible--Sole Savers. Now, she has them for every occasions in addition to instant relief when her heels become too much for her. Mine have arrived and she was on point when describing their comfort and easy storage. Thanks to these back up flats, we can rekindle our love for one another. We can be together and I can sleep better at night knowing that I don’t have to leave you. With the plethora of colors and styles they come in, I have a back-up flat for any occasion. No longer do I have to worry about the discomfort I may feel or what I am going to do when I must remove you. The thrill of my heels was gone, but not anymore!  

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Tamika - Jun 06, 2017

I love me a good heel but as I’ve gotten older, my feet and knees are like “what you think you’re doing??” Now I keep a back up pair of flats that save the day!

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