To Walk in Their Shoes


Have you ever looked at someone and genuinely admired them? They have their dream job, a loving family, both, or are just living life. Observing others success and admiring them is nothing to be ashamed of. In doing this, we find motivation, encouragement and drive to follow our own dreams. One thing to be cognizant of, however, is are you admiring where they are now without thinking of how they got to that place? What would it be like to walk a day or a week in their shoes during each phase of their career? Maybe their career isn’t the only thing admirable. One can ask this question for various aspects of life. If a person simply looks at the finished product and not the assembly line it had to go through, then failure may already be inevitable. With that being said, get to know people who are where you want to be. Ask them about their journey. When walking along their path, what obstacles did they have to overcome? Think about the shoes they had to accompany them on their journey. Were they well equipped with the gear needed for every terrain they would encounter? If not, what do they wish they would have done differently to be better prepared? Seeking mentorship and guidance from those you admire can make your walk a little easier.

Another thing to always keep in mind is that we are all uniquely made and no two paths will be the same. While we can receive tips, advice, and even have helping hands, we will still have our own journeys of discovery. We will stumble (and sometimes fall), but in those moments, we will grow and pieces of ourselves will be revealed. We will discover if whether or not we need to change our shoes to adjust to our terrain, or if we need a new terrain altogether. In doing this, we not only chase our own dreams but, we make others proud, and give the opportunity for others to look up to us as well. Look up to those whom inspire you and when you do, don't forget to look at their walk, their shoes, and how their journey got them to where they are now. You never know, maybe they needed Sole Savers a time or two for assistance and relief during their journey toward success!

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