About Us

Sole Savers are a stylish rollable flat shoe that provides a comfortable back up to high heels, and an alternative shoe for any party or function. Sole Savers are the perfect companion for any avenue, just throw them in your bag and go.


Sole Savers was born when Melodie realized that she could no longer wear heels for more than a few hours. After discussing this for months with her mother, Teresa, who could also no longer wear heels due to numerous knee surgeries, she realized that there had to be others who faced these same challenges when it came to fashion and comfort. 


For a few months, Melodie discussed this issue with different women -- she made it a topic of discussion at every possible setting. It was unanimous -- women would love to have a stylish, affordable and convenient alternative to their fabulous heels. After months of communicating and studying trends, she developed a product that she believed would be a perfect remedy and it would be called Sole Savers. 

Melodie presented the idea to Teresa and, immediately, Teresa was sold. 



"What sold me more than anything was the idea that we would be able to do more than cover soles, but that we would be able to contribute to souls," said Teresa.


What is near and dear to Teresa is her youngest grandchild -- Teyana. Teyana was born with Congenital Heart Disesase (CHD) and has faced her challenges like a hero. She has had 2 open heart surgeries and has not reached 2 years old -- Sole Savers will be a direct contributor to Teyana's Heart, a mission that encourages the awareness of CHD. The company plans to contribute to charities and work in different philanthropic avenues to keep with their mantra that "every sole has a soul."